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People of Pontica – Stela Radeva

Do it with passion or not at all!

Stela Radeva, Supervisor

My Story

My professional career in the BPO industry started a few years back in 2016. After climbing the ladder of success working on a Supervisor position until 2019, I made a decision to make a 180 degrees turn and start expanding my skills even more by completely changing my filed of work from BPO to e-Commerce. Some year and a half later, I came across the job opening of Pontica Solutions for a Supervisor position for an international company providing background checks and employment screenings, through innovative, web-based technology at a time when I was seeking a new challenge and further development for myself. Therefore, the company seemed and then turned out to be the best fit for me so far.


My Motivation

As a perfectionist and workaholic my day is full of challenges that require my full attention and reactivity. My biggest inspiration to conquer those is to always try and outgrow myself by learning from the successful and more experienced people I work with. Additionally, the team I am part of was has always been very important to me as it keeps me positively charged even when the “grass is not always greener”. Finally, my mother has always been a key figure throughout my personal and professional development so whenever I am hitting a bumpy road, she keeps reminding me to do everything with passion and without fear.


Stela after work

Being simultaneously an introvert and extrovert, I have several passions which include reading, shooting with guns, fitness and of course letting out my party personality out every once in a while. Additionally, I love driving around, especially when the road leads to any place related to the sea.