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People of Pontica – Tsveta Papukchieva

An empty day, though clear and bright, is just as dark as any night.― Anne Frank

Tsveta Papukchieva, Junior Quality Specialist

My Story

I am keen on finding what´s the best working ambiance for me and what type of people I can work with. I was part of AIESEC, the biggest youth-led volunteering movement, where, after a few years working on smaller projects, I took the opportunity to become Local Chapter President of the office at Sofia University. Such opportunities are rare, to work among people with similar values to yours, to be challenged every single day, yet to always find someone to guide you and help you learn, to be trusted with tasks, that are key to the development of the organization. Therefore, seeing this same desire for growth and the eagerness for mutual success, I decided to join Pontica.


My Motivation

My biggest inspiration is seeing my teammates enjoy their work and get excited about every ‘’won battle’’, then defining clearly our goals and determining the steps we need to take, in order to achieve them. After 5 months in the Quality department, working for the development of two of the teams, I feel more than happy to be here and cannot wait to see what is to come.

Tsveta after work

I do windsurf and ski, sadly these are not full-time hobbies, as they require good conditions and specific season. Apart from them, I love to dance, cook, watch anime, and series and walk the sweetest Golden Retriever in the world.