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People of Pontica – Ventsislav Yordanov

The key to navigating life is not to take it too seriously. That is when the party starts.

Ventsislav Yordanov, Customer Support Specialist

My Story

I was referred by a close friend of mine and I didn’t even know Pontica existed until then, so it was meant to be, I guess. Before that, I had only worked in London. For the few years, I spent there I have tried almost every position in the Hospitality sector. From serving tables in some fancy hotel to making cocktails in SOHO or guiding a pub crawl in the graffiti-filled streets of Shoreditch, I had found a true passion for communicating with customers. There is something special about making a complete stranger feel special.


My Motivation

As funny as it might sound, stressful situations and last-minute changes are my thing. I have the capability of seeing the bigger picture and I feel like this is the perfect time to show off. Of course, this is what I like to believe and in reality, it is not always enjoyable to be in a fast-paced, quick-changing environment. However, it’s exactly these moments when I feel the most motivated.

Ventsislav after work

Truthfully, anything that is artistic, spiritual, or so-called alternative (I use this term vaguely) will be of interest to me. I have always felt like one of the outsider kids and it did take some time for me to embrace that. In recent years I have started encouraging myself to be as unique and authentic as I know I am. And it definitely shows. A hobby of mine (my friends would argue that it is an obsession, however, I disagree) would be second-hand shopping. A fun fact is that I have a twin brother.