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People of Pontica – Plamen Rangelov

Strive to be better You than yesterday.

Plamen RangelovDevOps Engineer

My Story

My early childhood fascination with games and technology, somewhat naturally paved my way into studying at Sofia’s Technical University, where I graduated with a Master’s degree in Telecommunications. After graduating, I spent the next 12 years working in the IT sector doing mostly Application support/administration on Linux OS. In the last year or so I wanted to make a change and work more closely with programming languages and Pontica was the perfect fit for that. The DevOps position at Pontica is quite unique, interesting and challenging.

My Motivation

Working in Pontica has been completely different than anything I had been used to. My colleagues are friendly, fun and always willing to help, which is allowing me to handle every challenge that arises. Seeing the result of my hard work being acknowledged and appreciated, is both very motivating, pushing me to constantly get better at what I do.

Plamen after work

After a hard-day’s work, I love spending time with my family. Also, some of my spare time is dedicated to practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu, playing darts and a lot of other games.