Pontica Solutions was part of Career Safari 2021, organized by Tuk-Tam - Pontica Solutions

Pontica Solutions was part of Career Safari 2021, organized by Tuk-Tam

A professional event for students abroad.

Career Safari is a professional event which connects students studying abroad with experts and companies from different sectors. This year’s edition took place online last week and was designed in a newer and more dynamic format which included motivational lectures from partners and a quiz element. There were a total of four business quizzes on the topics of finance, engineering, marketing, sales and negotiations.

Our Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding Director Kameliya Atanasova was a guest speaker in the first part of the event. She made a presentation in front of an audience of more than 50 people about the importance of Employer Branding. She explained the meaning behind Employer Branding as a process of developing a company’s reputation. The metrics that determine a company’s EB as successful were also presented. The discussion continued with analysis of a successful Employer Branding strategy that has an impact on an organizational level. The presentation was supported with examples as to how the EB could benefit negotiations and finished with a short interactive quiz of a few questions about Pontica.

As a partner of Tuk-Tam we were glad to be part of this year’s Career Safari and to meet so many young individuals who are motivated to build their successful careers in Bulgaria. We are looking forward to the Career Event in September.