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People of Pontica – Radoslav Zagorski

RPGs are part of the game!? If you don’t like it, don’t play.

Radoslav Zagorski, Player Support at Bandai Namco

My Story

I have mainly worked in the call center field for the time being. When I found out about Pontica, I didn’t know about the Bandai Namco project, although I have played many of their games. So, I was very surprised when I understood that I’m going to be part of the team! It is normal for a gamer to be excited to work as a player advisor for one of the biggest game publishers on the market 🙂 I joined the project several months after its launch and now I am one of the seniors. I’m happy at work every single day because my hobby became my job.

My Motivation

It is a great thing to support and advise gamers and quite challenging to be a part of Bandai. My colleagues are all very cool which creates a fantastic working atmosphere.

Radoslav after work

I do the usual stuff like spending time with my fiancé, going out with friends and if I have time, I play PC and board games.