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People of Pontica – Rumen Kanchev

'And what would humans be without love?
RARE, said Death.' ― Terry Pratchett

Rumen Kanchev, Gaming Advisor with German

My Story

I was born in Bulgaria’s former capital, moved to its sea capital and now I’ve pitched my tent in the current capital. We have to keep up with the times. I managed to get the leading high school in the city in my resume alongside an excellent diploma, applied to universities in the UK, Germany, Austria, and the Netherlands and was accepted in most of them. At the final stage of the application process, I realized that I was finally starting to truly enjoy Sofia and decided to pull a 180 and stick around. I’ve worked in construction, first aid training, IT and I was even a ski instructor for a while. I stumbled upon Pontica by chance and quickly discovered that the work/study/life balance that’s offered here is by far the best I’ve come across.

My Motivation

The Bandai team is a fantastic mash-up of cheery people. I was able to establish quality relationships right off the bat that have helped me both in a professional and personal sense. You can always get quality conversation if you know where to look.  The work itself can be challenging at times, but the truly stimulating aspect is the fact that this project is still actively being developed and our managers are really receptive to suggestions and general discourse. The team is growing both in capabilities and size and being a part of this process makes it far easier to find value in what you’re doing.

Rumen after work

I’m doing my best to reduce my free (idle) time as much as possible and trying to invest it in picking up new skills, traveling further and further away and trying to lead a (relatively) healthy lifestyle. Nevertheless, the time you enjoy wasting is never wasted, so we can spice it up with some martial arts, skiing, hiking, socializing and gaming.