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People of Pontica – Simeon Dimov

In a world where you can be anyone, be yourself.

Simeon Dimov, Customer Success Manager

My Story

Well.. where should I start?  I used to live in France for a couple of years which gave me the chance to learn that language that Joey Tribbiani can speak very well. Once I came back in Bulgaria, I moved in Sofia, studied Public Relations at New Bulgarian University and met people who told me about the BPO sector and all the opportunities I can get using le francais. So, this is how my professional adventure begun. I went through different giant companies, worked in Sales, Insurance, Hotel, and Technical industries, but something was always missing until the moment when two fabulous ladies from Pontica found my profile and offered me the great opportunity to start working for Mailjet as a Customer Success Manager.

My Motivation

On the one hand, my motivation is my job which is really challenging, but a smooth sea never made a skillful sailor, right? On the other hand, Pontica provides a great work environment and you find yourself rushing to leave home in the morning to go see your second family in the office. Yes, I can agree that we are not paid to have fun at work, but I think it is a jackpot when you have a challenging job in a friendly environment.

Simeon after work

I like to break Guinness World Record for the longest sleep while your cats are meowing hungry in front of your face. Otherwise, for the rest of the time (if I have one left), I like to Netflix and chill, to go out with my friends, read books and to pet my cats of course 🙂