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People of Pontica – Stefan Stefanov

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.

Stefan Stefanov, System Administrator

My Story

I’ve been working as a system administrator for five years. That’s what I’ve been studying in the university and it’s what I’ve wanted to do as a job. Opening a new office and setting up everything from scratch was a challenge that I wanted to take on for a while. As soon as I found out that Pontica will be coming to Varna, I did the research for the company, and from what I found on the internet, I just got that strange feeling that this is my place.


My Motivation

The atmosphere is absolutely amazing. Being able to assist and support your mates in the office and seeing a smile on their faces is what inspires me the most. Therefore I always give my best to support the others with the technical stuff.  I can definitely say that coming to the office means more than simply just going to work.

Stefan after work

In my free time, I love to travel and read all sorts of books. I’m also a sports person, watching and playing volleyball, football and basketball is what I do the most.