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Stuart and Pontica – the right partnership at the right time

Building a reliable team during a pandemic in 3 months.

In March 2020 we started a new partnership with Stuart – Europe’s leading last-mile delivery solution revolutionising the future of urban logistics. Stuart provides global retailers and local businesses with on-demand delivery as well as same and next day delivery slots, thanks to their powerful technology. Stuart is a cross-vertical solution and works alongside businesses of all kinds, including restaurants, retailers and grocers across 100 cities in France, the UK and Spain.

Stuart was looking for a reliable partner flexible enough to ramp up and down quickly across locations due to the dynamic nature of their business. Our mutual plan envisioned scaling from 0 to 100+ LiveOps and Support Specialists in just 4 months. Achieving this seemed quite challenging especially due to the difficulties arising from the COVID-19 pandemic and the state of emergency in the country.

Ensuring that business processes and operations are not interrupted and running smoothly was key and in just three months thanks to Stuart’s cooperation, flexibility, fast and efficient communication, we were able to achieve the following:

  • launched a recruitment strategy which attracted more than 1400 candidates;
  • conducted more than 600 online interviews for diverse profiles ranging from Customer Success Specialists to LiveOps Experts with different languages and skills;
  • onboarding required remote administrative processes, logistical preparations, shipping of equipment to people’s homes, remote set up sessions with the IT department and virtual welcoming of the new hires – all done within 48 hours after sending the employment contract;
  • hundreds of hours of remote training provided in 4 languages from Barcelona to teams in two different locations, Sofia and Varna, the latter being our new office we opened in June;
  • conducted hundreds of new tasks related to Stuart’s new clients and new processes due to Covid-19 that were added along the journey, which were managed while we addressed the challenge of remote onboarding, training of senior specialists to be trainers, and adapted all of our internal onboarding processes; thinking out of the box in order to implement quick fixes & long term automation.

Now, Stuart’s LiveOps and Support team has 100+ people working already and their plans are to continue to grow with Pontica as their business expands and enters new markets.