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People of Pontica – Tihomir Stoyanov

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Tihomir Stoyanov, DevOps Engineer

My Story

I graduated from the Technical University of Sofia – Major Telecommunications. I spent several years working in the IT industry and I knew I had to follow the newest technologies out there. Therefore, back then I was looking for a position like my current one. As soon as I heard about some of the key technologies that the DevOps team is now using, I knew I wanted to be part of it. And here I am improving myself every day, glad to be part of it and enjoying it!

My Motivation

My team is great and I`m happy to be part of it. I enjoy the people in Pontica and how nice everybody in the office is. I appreciate the small things – for example how my team and I go for a morning coffee and a walk. Regarding my motivation – it comes from the people I work with and especially the ones who are more experienced than me. I know I can learn a lot from them.

Tihomir after work

I`m going out with my friends, drink beers and laugh at inside jokes. When I don`t have plans I usually go home and cook something for me and watch TV and sports. I have a bicycle and I`m going for a ride every time when it is sunny. Lately, I became a fan of the cryptocurrencies and I`m keeping up with the news every day.