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Types of outsourcing. Which are the most common services and their benefits?

Depending on the location, there are three types of outsourcing strategies which companies worldwide implement: local (onshore), nearshore, and offshore. In other words, the businesses choose whether they would prefer to outsource in the same country, a country close by with almost no time difference or a country that is further away.

In 2020, around 40% of the small businesses used outsourcing to handle at least one of their business processes as it brings them numerous benefits such as:

  • lower operating costs
  • process optimization
  • working with specialists from anywhere in the world
  • the use of programs/technologies without the need of subscription
  • multi-talent solutions etc.

When it comes to services offered, there are three main and strategic types of outsourcing that can add value to the companies and improve their productivity, the most common of which are skill-specific and they are discussed along with their benefits to companies.

Business Process Outsourcing or BPO is among the most used outsourcing services and the demand for it is constantly increasing. The repetitive tasks each company carries out daily could be easily outsourced thus saving time to the company. Another advantage is the time zone difference of outsourcing your business process to another country. This could benefit the business when dealing with international clients and customers in the form of providing constant customer support.

Professional outsourcing is another pretty common service that companies acquire since it enables them to pay only for the service that is provided to them. Some of the professional services outsourced include accounting and administration. This is beneficial to companies as it saves them costs for recruitment and training while getting external professional expertise in the field, they need assistance with.

As almost all businesses work with technology, the Information Technology department is also commonly outsourced by companies of any size. Some of the outsourced IT services include software development, technical support, and web hosting. An increasing number of businesses take advantage of IT outsourcing as it helps them focus on their main areas of expertise without the need to take time and resources to hire more employees in the company.

Depending on its needs, each company should find the most suitable type of outsourcing for its business with each type having the potential for saving on costs. We at Pontica provide both BPO and ITO services, get in touch with us and let’s grow together!