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Pontica Solutions in partnership with FEBA

A week at the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration

Last week, the students at FEBA had the chance to meet part of our team and learn more about career opportunities and projects at Pontica. In partnership with Sofia University we organized two events – Pontica day at the uni and an open guest lecture, presented by one of our Team Managers.

On the first day, the students were excited to meet our Recruitment Specialist who gave them tips on how to manage the work-study life balance.

Later during the week, Pavel Spassov was a guest speaker and presented the lecture ‘Les nouveaux projets dans la sous-traitance: Secteur RH’  in French to second-year students from the Economics Course. As Pavel leads a team that designs, organizes and manages trainings, he introduced the new types of outsourcing projects in the learning and development sector. He then discussed the need for this type of business, the different stages of the training cycle as well as the career development in such projects.

During the academic year, our management team will take part in other programs, especially in the first Master’s program in the field of outsourcing.

Find out more about the future collaboration between the business and Sofia University.