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People of Pontica – Valerio Malandrini

Big beard, big smile, big heart! What else?

Valerio Malandrini, Gaming Advisor with Italian

My Story

I am 100% Italian =) I grew up in a little town in Tuscany, and I always had a feeling for cooking. As expected, I had been working as a chef, until last year when I decided to make a big change and to look for a different job outside the kitchen. I am a mad gamer, a fan of TEKKEN since its first release, and I could not believe that there was a job offer for the Bandai Namco team. This was the perfect opportunity to turn my hobby (video games) into a career. I was so excited when I was hired for the job as a Gaming Advisor, and honestly, I am quite happy with my decision to join Pontica & Bandai Namco. It’s an honor to be part of such a great Team!

My Motivation

Even in difficult situations, don’t forget to smile. I am the oldest guy in the team, so what I find motivating is being an example for other colleagues 🙂

Valerio after work

After work, I am a full-time ‘superpower daddy’, a bearded bassist, and of course a GAMER! It’s not easy to find time for everything! Outside the office, I love to be with my two little kids – they give me the motivation to be a better person, an example, a superhero and… to rock more.