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People of Pontica – Victoria Valeva

It's still magic even if you know how it's done.

Victoria Valeva, Gaming Advisor

My Story

For my age I have quite an eccentric autobiography. I got my first degree in France and came home to work as everything from a mashed potato promoter to a journalist in agricultural media, through an expert in the public administration. I needed a part-time job to balance me. Like the writer who ate tuna for dinner every evening just because he needed a constant in his life. After a long search, my tuna turned out to be Pontica’s gaming project. While currently studying in a totally different field, gaming support was the challenge that managed to attract me and keep me motivated and focused.


My Motivation

The team is amazing, and it is a pleasure to work with and around them. The project, on the other hand, is exceptionally well organized despite the new challenges that come across every day.

Victoria after work

After work you can find me in various places – at the university, at a park, reading on the public transport, finishing another project on the kitchen counter, laughing in a family restaurant, drinking peach iced tea at a night club, sleeping in a low-cost flight and even watching Balkan movies on the couch. Working for Pontica definitely gives me the time, balance, and peace of mind that I need.