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People of Pontica – Viktoriya Petkova

'Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.'

Viktoriya Petkova, Travel Coordinator 

My Story

Last year after successfully taking my state exams I decided it was time for a change, so I started looking for something new. And then I heard about Pontica from a friend who already works here, I applied and joined this amazing team which supports Talixo. With my love for travel Talixo was the perfect fit. I’ve previously worked something similar for a big travel agency in the UK, worked catering and festivals so I have a lot of experience in the customer support area.


My Motivation

I’ve always loved working with customers and all my previous jobs are proof of that. I’m part of this amazing team, with interesting people with different backgrounds who make my days even better. The team and the atmosphere in the company is one of a kind and I love coming to the office and taking part in some of the events Pontica organizes.

Viktoriya after work

When not in the office I like to unwind at home with a good book or a movie night with friends. When the weather is nice I spend my time with friends taking a walk in the park or hiking Vitosha. A great way to spend the weekend is also going to our villa where my dad and I spend the day tending to the garden or some other odd task.