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People of Pontica – Yova Petrova

The mind is like a parachute. It doesn’t work unless it’s open.

Yova Petrova, Team Manager

My Story

During my study at the university, I was selling W&T programs for 5 years. This job opened the door for me – not only for my personal growth, but it was a very good start for my career development. I’ve learned the main lesson there – find the right approach to work with people and you will get the results super easily. I had been living in the USA for a while and when I came back here, I started working for one of the biggest direct selling companies, leading 3 markets. After 10 years and all the knowledge, experience and awards, naturally, it was time for a change, to clear up my mind and to move to a totally different area. Pontica intrigued me with the fact that they opened a new position for an e-wallet project, where the leader should work with an international team. This was enough for me to accept the role.

My Motivation

‘A smile is happiness you’ll find right under your nose’ – a smile opens a million doors. I am happy to be on the team; I always try to bring a positive mood and to create a nice atmosphere. My role was a big challenge since day 1 and still is, but this is what motivates me most. To be a leader means to be a role model, this is what I am trying to be for the team. I put a lot of effort and just a few months later I can see the results. It’s never been a waste of time and energy, but a constructive growth for both sides. There is no routine in this job – every day is totally different, which keeps you in good shape. My colleagues are amazing – such a mixture of different nations, cultures, and languages is a top experience and the main driver to grow together in the same family – Pontica 🙂

Yova after work

I really don’t have any free time after work, because I have a priceless challenge – the role of a mom in the school of life 🙂  It’s not easy, but inspires me to move the mountains and to see the happiness on my daughter’s face at the end of the day. I love traveling in and out of Bulgaria, visiting different places, meeting different people, exploring different cultures and habits, this is my passion since I was a child. As I am a proud Bulgarian, I am keen on dancing folk dances (simply can’t miss the chance to keep the traditions of this treasure and to share them with the new generation).