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People of Pontica – Zornitsa Kirilova

Simple disciplines repeated over time will create success, while simple mistakes created over time will create failure. (Jeff Olson – The Slight Edge)

Zornitsa Kirilova, Training Coordinator

My Story

I have been a part of this company for half a year as a training coordinator and actually joined just when the project started. The experience here helps me to grow up in the sector where I would like to be – this is a great opportunity to improve my skills and work something totally different for the market in Bulgaria. The daily stress and workload typical for most companies are minimized here in Pontica, thanks to the colorful team, all the great activities outside the office almost every week and the friendly atmosphere. I love the relaxing massages every Thursday … so refreshing! 🙂

My Motivation

I have always wanted to ensure that clients receive the best customer service I can offer. It’s important both for me and the company and the clients, to provide a positive customer experience. Also, I have been motivated by the desire to meet a deadline. Setting and reaching deadlines gives me such a sense of accomplishment. I love creating an organized schedule for completing a task and achieving my goals on time – that is one of my priorities to a job well done.

Zornitsa after work

I spend most of the time during the week in the office, so that’s why I try to spend the weekends traveling wherever it is – I love exploring new places. Different activities like swimming, training at the gym, Kangoo jumps helps me keep the work-life balance. Cooking makes me feel relaxed and creative as well.