AI and customer experience: myths, challenges and latest trends

Published 27 Jul. 2022 | 3 min read

Here are the myths, truths, and challenges of using AI in your CX.

With the development of the world comes the development of advancements that are specifically designed to help the humankind. One of these advancements has gained increasing popularity for the past few years – AI.

AI is nothing new, in fact, the first AI-based robot was called Shakey, due to his sporadic movements all the way back in the 1960’s. Nowadays, we see AI in everything; our phones, our houses, and even helps in CX.

With the rise in popularity of AI, many have pointed out to myths of using AI in creating a better CX.

What are the myths and truths of AI in CX?

Myth nr. 1: AI can think and operate like humans today

At this point in time, there is no equivalent to the human mind. Not even AI. However, AI can instead take over the mundane tasks that employees dedicate so much time on. By doing so, AI helps employees become more productive and drive increased revenue as well as deliver value to the customer.

Myth nr. 2: AI will completely replace the workforce

AI cannot replace the workforce for the same reason as mentioned above – AI cannot come close to imitating the human mind.

For years, businesses have moved forward and improved efficiency by transferring redundant tasks to free employees to do more meaningful work, and in most cases, AI helps people do their jobs better, smarter, and faster to provide a better CX.

Myth nr. 3: AI has a lower accuracy and is less capable than human specialists

AI might never think like a human, but that does not mean it cannot perform some tasks better than humans. AI can process large amounts of data and locate patterns, as well as identify solutions in a quick and appropriate manner.

Before a business goes ahead and implements AI in its CX, it is important to be aware of several aspects that if unthought of, might impede the overall customer experience.

  • Lagging on customer expectations – if your systems are not compatible to make the transition from humans to AI, problems such as disappointed customers will arise. This is because customers nowadays expect everything to happen effortlessly and quickly.
  • Businesses should measure success and failures. This will allow for adequate reactions whenever human behaviors and sentiments change over time as the business will be able to track and adapt by fine-tuning the AI.
  • Data – by having a strong data strategy and ensuring that the best data practices are applied, businesses can create a strong, scalable foundation for innovation and deliver superior CX. Afterall, AI is only as good as the data it uses.

There is no doubt AI is here to make everything better and easier, and it is surely here to stay. The benefits are clearly visible, but so are the downsides. AI won’t replace CX but using it will help to have better customer behavior predictions, and therefore to improve performance and overall CX. So if you want a high customer satisfaction rate and performance excellence, get in touch with us today!

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