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Renewable Energy and Utilities
Green Energy

CX in Renewable Energy

In the rapidly evolving Renewable Energy and Utilities industry, customer expectations are as dynamic as the technologies that drive them. As the world shifts towards sustainable energy solutions, clients require not just innovative products but also customer experiences that reflect the forward-thinking nature of your business.
  • Just 23%* of customers feel like their energy supplier communicates with them in a timely manner and through their preferred channels
  • Only 18%* feel like their energy supplier is proactive in their communication.
  • 52%* expect new technology like AI and chatbots to become part of the communication channels
* Oracle Utilities Consumer Trends Report
Our method

Pontica's winning formula

We analyze, understand, and transform unique customer insights into exceptional service experiences with cutting-edge tech, tailored to your business.

The result - Your customers’ pain points are addressed and resolved at all times as they receive highly attentive and personalized CX.
Pontica's winning formula

How we help Renewable Energy companies

As an award-winning outsourcing provider, we won’t simply design and build your CX solutions – we will integrate, manage, and continually improve them.
CX solutions

Clients expect their problems to be resolved quickly and easily. Our expert teams provide frictionless, omnichannel CX and technical support in 20+ languages. Thus, your customer satisfaction excels while we free up your time to focus on other important projects.

AI solutions

AI automation can skyrocket scalability. By bringing together human talent and technology, we deliver custom and effective AI solutions, such as interactive chatbot automation, AI training data, natural language processing and more.

Business intelligence tools

We offer detailed analytics and insights with our comprehensive systems and business intelligence tools that analyze customer interactions in a structured and easily digestible way. We keep a detailed data log of clients’ feedback and attitudes and use it to measure customer satisfaction levels and assess team performance.

Recruitment and talent solutions

You can rely on us to address your recruitment needs for a quick scale-up of the company. We excel in optimizing team structures, sizes, and management, and allow you to achieve more with less.

“Pontica helped us dive into a very diverse talent pool that we needed in Europe and helped us in expanding with the custom and tailored solutions.”
Konstantinos Smyrnaios
Remote Service Centre Manager

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