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We partner with top-tier logistics companies, last-mile delivery platforms and start-ups and help them provide winning end-to-end customer experience (CX) while optimizing workload and costs.
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CX in Logistics: Investing in the future

Predictions show that 24/7 on-time, dependable services will be at the top of clients’ wish list. Therefore, companies in logistics must prioritize CX if they wish to stay ahead of competition and achieve sustainable growth.
Our method

Pontica's winning formula

Our tailored approach works in synergy with your company culture as we develop custom solutions in line with your personal business needs.

The result - your customers’ pain points are addressed and resolved at all times as they receive highly attentive and personalized CX.
Pontica's winning formula

How we help Logistics brands

At Pontica Solutions, we won’t simply design and build your CX solutions – we will integrate, manage, and continually improve them.
CX solutions

We deliver high-quality customer support, where our experts are dedicated to keeping your clients happy by decreasing attrition rates to competition. We develop personalized systems that motivate customers to willingly provide feedback which significantly improves your company’s operations.

AI and digital transformation

Intelligent automation contributes to growth and scalability, bringing cost reduction and valuable insights on the customer journey. Our automation and AI solutions enhance your CX and increase CSAT scores. We combine human talent and technology intelligence to deliver innovative, dynamic, and flexible automation

Business intelligence tools

We offer detailed analytics and insights with our comprehensive systems and business intelligence tools that analyze customer interactions in a structured and easily digestible way. We keep a detailed data log of clients’ feedback and attitudes and use it to measure customer satisfaction levels and assess team performance.

Recruitment and talent solutions

You can rely on us to address your recruitment needs for a quick scale-up of the company. We excel in optimizing team structures, sizes, and management, and allow you to achieve more with less.

“The best thing was the flexibility from Pontica – to be ready to have a team ready within a week, working from home solution, and everything to go live. It was really a massive cultural fit.”
Andrew Baylis
EVP of Global Operations
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A guide to Operational Excellence

Learn how we successfully optimized the operational performance of a last-mile delivery leader.
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We are part of your growth journey as we improve your operations with 24/7 outstanding CX.

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