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We partner with High-Tech global brands, unicorns, scale-ups, and start-ups and help them deliver exceptional customer experience (CX).
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CX in High-Tech: Investing in the future

Our method

Pontica's winning formula

Our proven methodology, tailored approach, and large talent pool work in synergy with your community culture and develop custom solutions in line with your own business needs.|

The result - players receive first-rate, lag-free CX at all times while their pain points are addressed and resolved easily and efficiently.
Pontica's winning formula

How we help High-Tech brands

As an international, award-winning BPO and ITO provider, we won’t simply design and build your CX solutions – we will integrate, manage, and continually improve them in line with your current business goals.
Business intelligence tools

Every customer is a brand ambassador and should be heard. With our business intelligence tools we gain detailed insights about your clients’ attitudes and feedback. We then analyze the information and present it to you in an easily digestible, constructive way so you can use it readily to improve your services and products.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation is a must for any business looking to provide quick and intuitive CX. We apply data and machine learning such as bots, self-service automation, and AI training data to build predictive analytics that reacts to clients’ behavioral changes.

Training and development

The global marketplace is the future of High-Tech. We engage international talent through a flexible but extensively managed process. Then we implement continuous training, development, and performance measurement, delivering it to our partners in a safe and secure way.

Recruitment and talent solutions

You can rely on us to address your recruitment needs for a quick scale-up of the company. We excel in optimizing team structures, sizes, and management so you can achieve more with less.

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Elevating operational processes in High-Tech

Discover how we optimized operational processes for a market leader in the HR Tech sector
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