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We help our partners enhance their clients’ health and wellbeing by delivering high-quality, trustworthy customer experience (CX).
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Health Tech

CX in Health Tech: Investing in the future

Our method

Pontica's winning formula

Our tailored approach allows us to work in synergy with your company culture and develop custom solutions in line with your unique business needs.

The result - your customers’ pain points are addressed and resolved at all times as they receive highly attentive and personalized CX.
Pontica's winning formula

How we help Health Tech brands

As an international, award-winning BPO and ITO provider, we won’t simply design and build your CX solutions – we will integrate, manage, and continually improve them.
Omnichannel CX

Clients expect their problems to be resolved quickly and easily. Our expert teams provide frictionless, omnichannel CX and technical support in 20+ languages. Thus, your customer satisfaction excels while we free up your time to focus on other important projects.

Care coordination

Value-based care with profound support is a must in CX. We deliver care coordination solutions by using a comprehensive approach and help you manage your health and care programs, making them accessible for clients, members, and workers.

Back-office support

Back-office support is essential for the smooth functioning of your operations. With our back-office solutions, we take care of all mail and data. You can rely on us for claim cycle and mailroom services, data entry, coordination of benefits, repricing, payments, audits and more.

Recruitment and talent solutions

You can rely on us to address your recruitment needs for a quick scale-up of the company. We excel in optimizing team structures, sizes, and management, and allow you to achieve more with less.

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Revolutionizing CX in Health Tech

Learn how we ensured high-quality, trustful, and empathetic support for an innovative Fem Tech brand.
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