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Empowered people create powerful brands

As a customer-centric brand, you need the right qualified people to deliver the best solutions for constantly excelling customer experience (CX). At Pontica Solutions, we provide expertly developed learning and training programs for our top-tier clients in High Tech, FinTech, Health Tech, Games and Entertainment, Logistics, and E-commerce. Through our extensive and diverse experience, we have developed a highly personalized approach in line with your business-specific tasks and positions. Trust our proven methodologies and tailored step-by-step programs to boost your regular training programs or create an entirely new one from scratch.

As your trusted partner, we conduct thorough all-digital product knowledge trainings and upskill sessions on your new product and processes. We use the tested principle of interactive gamification, ultimately generating greater productivity and investment. As a result, we build teams of productive enthusiasts who know your offering inside-out and are prepared to resolve even the most complex customer challenges.

Rely on our product training solution to:

  • Optimize your long-term training costs
  • Gain credibility
  • Build and improve long-term relationships with your customers
  • Boost individual and team engagement

Whatever your needs, we can build custom trainings that meet your organization’s goals. We specialize in filling the gaps and building knowledge for your company with our innovative, automated courses. Take advantage of our workshops on:

  • Brand awareness
  • Empathy
  • Brand recovery
  • Chat efficiency
  • And more, depending on your objectives.

We pride ourselves with the quality of our operations. Therefore, we offer separate custom, in-depth client trainings for higher level positions such as Shift Lead, Supervisor or Team Manager.

We don’t simply conduct one-off trainings – we guarantee that our teams’ knowledge and skills are always up-to-date and resulting in maximum performance. Our processes include:

  • Constant review of the QA results and refresher sessions
  • Daily KPI report and tracking of trends
  • SMART action plans
  • Personal improvement plans
  • Tailored scorecards
  • Regular checks on progress
  • Voice of Customer (VoC) reviews and actionable feedback
  • Calibration sessions


To continuously develop our teams through upskilling and knowledge sharing, we have developed an advanced Learning Management System (LMS) which:

  • Contains digitalized and highly interactive learning materials created by our own content creator experts.
  • Provides a well-structured training process that is user-friendly and improves employee engagement rate.
  • Includes an expertly developed onboarding program, monthly quiz, and universal content courses.

How we do it

At Pontica, we have developed a highly effective, systematic, and transparent approach to our solutions to guarantee successful outcome. Thus, we allow your business to keep up with all the different stages – from design, through implementation, to evaluation. This is our winning formula.
Step 1


We evaluate your company’s operational needs and design a personalized solution to guarantee high-quality CX and customer satisfaction.
Step 2


We design the solution with the best structure in synergy with your company’s culture and fitting your unique business needs.
Step 3


We implement the agreed upon structure and set up optimized processes and procedures.
Step 4


With the help of advanced analytics and digital tools, we select the right profiles for your operations.
Step 5


We handle all your operations to ensure organizational and performance excellence.
Step 6

Evaluate and Optimize

We listen to the voice of your customers and conduct performance reviews which we then report and analyze together with your organization against the benchmark of your business goals.

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