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We help leading E-commerce platforms and global Retail companies focus on growth while we provide top-notch, frictionless CX (customer experience).
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CX in Retail and E-commerce: Investing in the future

Reports predict that the trend of leveraging customer data to deliver unique, first-hand CX will peak even further in the years to come. To stay ahead of the curve, companies will need to invest in the right know-how and professional skills when it comes to customer support and data optimization.
Our method

Pontica's winning formula

Our proven methodology with tailored approach works in synergy with your brand culture as we develop high-quality, custom solutions in line with your personal business needs.

The result - your business processes and operational expenses are optimized, and financial risks are reduced while your customers receive high-quality, seamless CX.
Pontica's winning formula

How we help Retail and E-commerce brands

At Pontica Solutions, we won’t simply design and build your CX solutions – we will integrate, manage, and continually improve them considering your current objectives.
Omnichannel CX

Customers are your main brand ambassadors and should be heard. Our teams are expertly trained to offer 24/7 customer and tech support in 20+ languages. We provide omnichannel mobility which allows clients to choose their own preferred way of interaction. Regardless of the challenge, we know how to resolve issues in a timely and efficient manner.

AI and digital transformation

Constant innovation is key to client retention. With our expertise in digital transformation, we keep you up with the latest technology trends in CX. Count on us to design a winning customer journey with the use of automation and AI to derive the best insights from your customer data.

Recruitment and talent solutions

You can rely on us to address your recruitment needs for a quick scale-up of the company. We excel in optimizing team structures, sizes, and management, and allow you to achieve more with less.

We are part of your growth journey by helping you create memorable CX that will win your customers’ hearts.

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