Digital customer experience trends to watch out for in 2023

Published 22 Feb. 2023 | 5 min read

Here are the top CX trends to implement in your 2023 business strategy.

Picture these two scenarios: having to navigate your way through a long, hazy maze with many challenges on the way where in the end a grand prize awaits you, and walking on a warm, summer day across an open field with arrows clearly pointing towards your shiny prize. Quite an easy choice, right?

The same can be said about your customer experience (CX). If you make your clients jump through hoops to enjoy your amazing product or service, you might soon discover that there’s no one queuing for the big prize!

If you’re still doubtful, here are some hard facts – the 2022 State of Digital Customer Experience report shows that 67% of consumers would tell their friends and relatives about poor CX from a brand while 66% said that they are very likely to switch to a competitor. Clearly CX should be on the high priority list and most businesses are already acknowledging its importance. But how you do CX it is just as important as doing it itself. To stay ahead of the curve, brands need to keep up with all the rapid changes in the digital world that are shaping customer expectations.

Feeling lost? We shed some light with a comprehensive list of 7 key digital CX trends to focus on in your 2023 strategy.

1. Omnichannel experience is the default experience

In today’s interconnected space, customers are present on multiple platforms and often simultaneously. As such, companies must invest in omnichannel experiences, including all platforms and devices that play a crucial role in the customer journey. Key customer touchpoints, especially when targeting young Millennials and Gen Z, are social media like Instagram and TikTok, mobile apps, email, interactive websites and community forums. Crucially, all channels must be seamlessly connected to allow for easy and smooth transitions from one platform to another without any friction.

2. Speed optimization is a must

According to a PwC survey, speed is a main criteria against which clients rate their CX. When humans can’t keep up with the demand, smart technology such as AI chatbots comes in handy. Chatbots greatly help customer service reps reduce their ticket load. Zendesk CX Trends 2022 report reveals that 26% of companies across 21 countries currently offer chatbot-guided self-service while 25% plan to implement it. The bottom line – in 2023, customers will increasingly expect instantaneity from their CX, particularly when it comes to simple tasks that can easily be self-resolved.

3. Personalization is a serious commitment

Customers gravitate towards brands that treat them as individuals and not numbers. In fact, a whopping 91% indicate that they would choose brands who recognize them and deliver relevant and customized support. Companies, however, have been slow to catch up as research shows that 65% of clients describe the CX they receive as “one-to-many” or at best “one-to-some”. Therefore, in 2023 businesses need to ramp up their efforts as a true one-to-one hyper-personalization will be actively looked for.

4. Phygital experience offers a complete experience

The phygital experience represents the merge between the physical and the digital space as part of a much more complete and smoother CX.  Nowadays, CX is often mentioned together with the concept of the metaverse, and specifically the potential of the latter to enhance brand-customer interactions. In 2023, more brands will continue working on immersive technologies such as VR, AR, and mixed reality to deliver this type of experience. Examples that are already taking place are virtual stores, 3D product visualization, and virtual live video consultations.

5. Predictive analytics make for an insightful CX strategy

Data is a valuable asset but simply collecting it without knowing how to leverage and turn it into valuable insights will not produce great results. In this case, predictive analytics come in handy in several ways. On the one hand, they help you recognize behavioral and preference patterns about your current customers and tailor your approach to deliver your services in the most effective way. Moreover, you are also able to predict future behavior and act proactively, as well as identify new, untapped audiences and develop a strategy to attract and turn them into your loyal customers.

6. Transparency of data use is a rising expectation

The ethical use of personal data has been a hot topic of discussion for a while and will continue to trend in 2023. This isn’t surprising as 72% of customers indicate that they would like to know more about what companies do with their information but find it difficult to obtain. Therefore, it is essential that you remain transparent about the ways of collecting and using customer data. In that way, you avoid confusion and mistrust and establish yourself as a trustworthy and secure business in the eyes of your clients.

7. Human connection will always be in fashion

Until this point you might be thinking that digital optimization is all there is to a successful CX nowadays. Yet, customers’ favorite brands are those who remain distinctly human, with unique personalities and quirks. Therefore, factoring the human experience into the CX is essential and should work in synergy with your digital business strategy.

Ultimately, excellent CX starts with a professional and highly experienced team who can deliver tailored solutions to suit your current business needs. At Pontica Solutions, we take our partners’ vision and ambitions at heart and allow them to grow while we take care of their customers’ needs. We constantly innovate and specialize in delivering expert omnichannel customer support, quality excellence, IT, training, and talent solutions and more.

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