How can a strategic customer experience partner help companies leverage brand growth?

Published 29 Apr. 2022 | 4 min read

Partnering with the right vendor who puts emphasis on customer centricity is key to building a reputable brand.

Contact centers have been transforming and acquiring new roles in the rapidly changing business landscape. New technologies are arising, new events are creating an impact and altering the needs and expectations of the customers.

According to the 2021 Customer Contact Week (CCW) Market Study, a new era of customer centricity has emerged, which values contact centers on their abilities to deliver superb CX and generate loyalty. More specifically, more than 52% of companies have stated that increase in CSAT and other satisfaction metrics will be crucial for calculating the value of contact centers in the near future.

Some of the priorities that companies have determined for their contact centers in 2022 include creating seamless and omnichannel CX (42% of companies) and improving AI for the sake of higher productivity among employees (41% of companies). More significantly, the introduction of chatbots and intelligent routing can improve contact centers according to 46% of companies, as stated in the same 2021 CCW Market Study. Therefore, it is critical for businesses to partner with the right contact center guaranteeing that all features offered are up to date with the current market trends, and superb CX is delivered to customers. This in turn could generate numerous benefits to companies such as:

  • Leveraging the brand’s growth – If a company was recently founded and there are many barriers to entry in a particular industry, it is a challenge for it to differentiate as a brand and grow. Therefore, a business can benefit from partnering with a vendor that offers contact center as a service and follows the best practices to always improve CX. Customer centricity will be highly valued by customers and will build a strong relationship between them and the brand. In other words, working with the right partner can help businesses establish themselves as a trustworthy brand that stands for customer centricity.
  • Creating added value by adopting digital and automized solutions – To add extra value businesses should look for a partner that continuously improves the solutions it offers to clients. According to the 2021 CCW Market Study, the main challenges to contact centers include disconnected channels (43%) and systems (51%) which reduce business efficiency and ruin the experience for customers. Thus, it is important for companies to rely on a vendor that implements various automation, AI and digital tools which could guarantee that systems are always running thus boosting the quality of CX interactions.

Location and costs also play a major role when choosing an appropriate vendor to work with. Since the Covid-19 pandemic has started, Bulgaria has been continuing to be among the top outsourcing destinations in Southeast Europe because of its flexibility during the crisis. More specifically, the country is ranked fourth in Europe based on its low operation expenses, business climate and other macroeconomic signs, according to AIBEST 2021 Annual Report. Bulgaria’s attractiveness on the outsourcing map is expected to continue growing due to its low corporate tax rate of 10%, high Internet bandwidth and multilingual talent pool (AIBEST, 2021).

All of this indicates an opportunity for companies to significantly reduce their costs but also to leverage their business growth, by partnering with a good contact center operating in Bulgaria. Further information and statistics about Bulgaria as a great outsourcing location could be explored in our previous article.

We at Pontica are currently operating in two of the highest ranked countries for outsourcing in Europe – Bulgaria and Poland, which allows us to meet the needs of our clients and their customers. Furthermore, we are people-centric and make sure we always provide the best CX to customers. So, if you are looking to partner with a strategic vendor that can help you differentiate and leverage your brand’s growth, look no further and get in touch with us!

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