How to turn your process automation challenge into a success story – the case of Pontica Solutions x ClickUp

Published 28 Mar. 2023 | 4 min read

Successful digital transformation starts with the right partner. This is how we optimized our operation processes and improved our customer experience (CX) through our collaboration with ClickUp.

The “Why”

Every growing B2B company at some point reaches a stage where a challenge is presented: evolving alongside their many customers and matching their rising expectations while also maintaining a lean business.

Pontica was no exception – since 2017 we have rapidly expanded our client base and operations. Currently, our expert teams of over 800 people offer high-quality solutions in 20+ languages and for 50+ job positions. As an innovative company that was continuously and rapidly progressing, in 2021 an obvious need started to emerge – we needed a digital tool that would help our growing teams to build and manage their tasks in the most easy and efficient way. This in turn would also allow us to react swiftly when presented with customers’ needs and goals.

“We take care of clients’ day-to-day processes, making sure we position ourselves and expand strategically according to that company’s objectivesMany of our clients are startups, unicorns, and Fortune 500 companies which involve dynamic processes. We need to be able to react quickly and change with our customers.”

Dayana Mileva, Account Director at Pontica Solutions.

Furthermore, the issue of time spent on administrative tasks instead of strategic and creative activities had to be quickly addressed. Due to the heavy workload and the dynamic nature of our business as well as our partners’, information had to reach people in the fastest way possible. As such, our approach to internal communication and project management needed an upgrade.

Here is how we achieved this.

The “How”     

The main objective of implementing CllickUp was task automation that would allow for greater flexibility. To successfully transform our operations, we began using ClickUp Forms and ClickUp Automations – two tools that optimized administrative processes by involving less steps and significantly less time.

“Now, the 90 minutes it took to make a shift change is optimized into a quick 10 minutes of work, where you just need to do the actual work and you don’t need to send multiple emails,” Dayana comments.

The tools also allowed us to streamline the communication pipeline. Progress reports and other important updates could now reach the right people at exactly the right time and in the most easily digestible way.

“If a manager is having a one-on-one meeting with an employee, they can fill in a form during the meeting and ClickUp sends an automated email to the employee after so everyone is on the same page,” Dayana says. “It’s extremely useful.”

Furthermore, through ClickUp Dashboards we offered extra visibility for our clients where they are now able to see our teams’ schedule and performance in real-time instead of waiting for weekly reports.

“This allows clients to feel connected to their teams, especially given that they are located in different countries, and sometimes even on different continents.”, Dayana says.

Crucially, for us at Pontica the high level of engagement, innovation and energy dedicated to our work is imperative to keep developing and staying on the offense. Therefore, as an incentive, we created a reward system in ClickUp to celebrate our colleagues’ top performance and achievements. This resulted in further optimizing the high level of performance of our teams and offering more added value to our clients.

The Impact

With the decision to use a well-rounded digital tool like ClickUp, Pontica Solutions achieved remarkable results. Our processes are now:

  • Automated
  • Streamlined
  • Faster
  • Flexible
  • Visible
  • Innovative

Ultimately, we now deliver more high-quality innovative, personalized, and transparent customer experience (CX) that is in synergy with our clients’ needs at all times. If exceptional CX is your end-goal, we have the right formula – let’s get started!

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