Is remote work the future of customer experience satisfaction?

Published 25 Mar. 2022 | 3 min read

How customer-centric companies can keep on providing the best CX from anywhere.

The advent of the Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way we live, work and interact with one another. Additionally, it has shifted the expectations and the preferences of both employees (in terms of flexibility) and customers (in terms of improved CX and a better understanding of their needs). But is remote work really the new normal?

According to a 2022 State of Remote Work report97% of current WFH employees have stated that they would prefer to keep on working remotely at least partially for the rest of their careers. More and more companies are now aligning with these wishes and are relying on remote support teams and contact centers because these methods have proven successful during times of self-isolation and work from home. What is more, working remotely has led to higher productivity and effectiveness. More specifically, employees working from home spent 1.4 days more working each month in comparison to their colleagues working from the office.

However, the home-based workers take longer breaks which additionally boosts productivity. Some experts might argue that working more will lead to higher levels of stress, but according to the American Psychological Association working from home might increase employee satisfaction if implemented correctly. Some of the winning practices in the remote work field include engaging the employees, securing their remote workplace, offering them support, and building connections among colleagues. Thus, if your business is looking for a vendor to facilitate your operations, you should choose a company with a people-oriented culture, which will guarantee high employee satisfaction. This will naturally lead to better customer care teams that will maintain the trust and loyalty customers have in your organization.

Despite all the benefits of remote work, there are certain risks and challenges related to security, collaboration from several locations and overall management of tasks. To keep their businesses protected and competitive while operating out of the office, a company must secure both its business data and its workers’ environment. Maintaining security policies and offering employee trainings and informative sessions is crucial to avoiding cyber-attacks at the workplace. By ensuring the security of its team, a company can now guarantee for delivering outstanding CX for its clients, in spite of the location. 

The other challenges related to communication and collaboration between teammates are also common when working from various locations. Fortunately, they can be overcome by providing support and encouraging asking for help and guidance from the rest of the team members.

Pontica has been providing award-winning solutions to our clients for several years now, which makes us experts at what we do. Additionally, the majority of our employees have been following a flexible approach and working remotely ever since the pandemic has started. Meanwhile, our team has been growing on three locations, while constantly improving the solutions and the CX delivered to all our clients. We ensure data security for both our clients and employees, so if you are looking for a partner to satisfy your customers’ needs and facilitate your business operations, reach out to us!

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