People of Pontica – Aleksandra Florek

Published 12 Aug. 2022 | 3 min read

Aleksandra Florek, HR Specialist

"Creating a positive workplace atmosphere is crucial!"

My Story

I joined Pontica in July 2021 and that’s when a new chapter in my professional life has begun. I applied for a totally different job, however I was offered a position in HR department, even though I had no previous experience in that specific field. It felt like someone noticed a potential in me, for what I’m still very grateful. I was offered much more than just a job. Pontica has opened new doors for me by giving me a chance to learn more every day and expand my abilities.

What is also worth mentioning, as an important part of my story, is that I’ve been working at Pontica’s Krakow office almost since the very beginning (I was hired a couple of weeks after its opening), which gives me this additional strong sense of really growing together with our whole team here in Krakow.

My Motivation

I love seeing actual results of my work. It gives me the sense of purpose. Even the smallest success is what keeps me going and motivates me to do more and to achieve more. Almost each day in Pontica brings a new challenge for me, and what comes with it is a new chance of succeeding 

It’s even more satisfying when you have great colleagues as I do, creating positive and healthy workplace, just enjoyable to be around.

Aleksandra after work

Since I got a dog almost 3 years ago, my time after work has been focused on this little guy. He has changed my life completely, it’s been a totally new adventure and a huge responsibility as well, but it’s amazing to have such a loving creature in your life.

Music festivals and live gigs give me great joy. It’s one of the best feelings in the world to enjoy live music of your favourite artists. I cannot imagine a summer without an event like this. Thankfully, in Poland we have some very popular festivals, one of them is Open’er Festival, one of the biggest European music festivals. I would recommend it to everyone!

As most of the people, I really like to travel, but Italy is my only true love. My big dream is to learn Italian one day, but now, since we have the Italian team in Pontica’s Krakow office, it may be easier to make this dream come true.

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