People of Pontica - Bogomil Zlatev

Published 06 Oct. 2023 | 2 min read

Bogomil Zlatev, Client Success Manager

"After all this time? Always..."

Before Pontica I was working as a delivery supervisor at a hotel in Sunny Beach. I didn't particularly enjoy the working environment, and was looking for a change. This is when I stumbled upon Pontica. Right away I liked what the company offered - the conditions, the working environment and the young and friendly people.

I also loved the fact, that I could practice my knowledge in foreign languages, which I couldn't do in my previous work. Immediately after starting in Pontica as part of one of the Logistics projects, I loved it. My colleagues and managers were amazing. Lovely people, friendly and dynamic environment - just what I was looking for! Several months passed and I was eventually promoted to the "Client Success Manager position. Ever since, I've felt like I'm at the right place. I will be forever grateful to the managers and colleagues that stood behind me, supporting me and my decisions.

Describe Pontica with one word. - Adventure ✨

What do you love most about your job? - My colleagues 💙

What is your favorite Pontica-related memory? - The OG squad when I first started (Teamkata) 🙌

Picnic or hiking? - Picnic 🥪

Good movie or good book? - Good movie 🎬

Pumpkin spice or hot chocolate? - Hot chocolate ☕

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