People of Pontica – Borislav Petrov

Published 05 Aug. 2022 | 3 min read

Borislav Petrov, Senior Training Specialist 

"If you are lucky enough to be part of somebody’s work surrounding, then you have a moral obligation to make sure people do look forward to coming to work in the morning."

My Story

Originally born in Karlovo, raised in Plovdiv, and recently moved to Sofia I have switched between two positions. While I was still a student and during my last year in high school, I have worked as a barman along with some of my friends in restaurants in Plovdiv which was a lot of fun.

However, two years ago I moved to Sofia during the pandemic and decided to take a more serious job. I asked around and was referred by a person who was already in Pontica for the position of Customer Success Specialist in the project Elvie. I have learned a lot while I was working in this position and had a lot of success, watched the project change and at one point I was given the task to handle the social media feed for Elvie on their social platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, etc.

Last year in December I applied for the position of Trainer Specialist and was accepted which was a great success for me. I have managed to study the different projects that we have here at Pontica, and meet up with a lot of awesome people, not only my colleagues but also the newly joined employees. I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge regarding the different clients using our services and this is very interesting to me as I am fascinated by different business models and how exactly organizations work (as a recently graduated business administration student).

My Motivation

I am inspired by the people surrounding me, inspired of making sure to make the most of every job position that I have and every opportunity that I can take to improve myself not only as a worker, but also as a person.

It brings me great joy to see people coming to the training with a desire for the training. I love to make every onboarding/uptraining a special little event for them, which they can think of from time to time and smile. This is what inspires me to perfect myself at what I do.

Borislav after work

After work I love to sweat a little bit in the gym, lifting heavy weights which is an awesome antidepressant and mood booster for me, or I love to play basketball with people from my neighborhood up until the sun sets. These activities bring me a lot of joy and after the sun sets, I love to turn on my PlayStation and just play for hours games with great stories. Games>Movies.

Games can be very engaging and I love the ones where your action determines how the story would develop because it’s a great reminder of life.

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