People of Pontica – Dara Karagyozova

Published 25 Feb. 2022 | 2 min read

Dara Karagyozova, Junior Trainer

"The most important things are the hardest to say."

My Story

I am currently studying sociology at the Sofia University and improving my time-management skills while trying to balance everything while also working at Pontica. I am a new-joiner to the Training Department so I can say I am still at the getting-to-know-everything stage but I am excited to dive in nevertheless! Before that, I was part of another project at Pontica as a back-office specialist. For me, the job in Pontica started as a temporary thing as I was living in Varna for the summer but I decided to stay because it felt like the right fit for me. Since I had the chance to work in both locations, I can say that the best asset that Pontica has is the people. They manage to create a fun and positive environment to work in and you can always find someone to grab a cup of coffee with. Also, they know how to party, and I strongly believe that a team that parties well together, works well together.

My Motivation

What motivates me the most is the constant opportunity for development. It is inspiring to see that when you put in effort and time into learning the processes, there is an opportunity for growth. I believe that every situation we are in gives us important knowledge of ourselves and how we manage in different environments – so every experience counts for something!

Dara after work

I like reading books…a lot! Also, I am enthusiastic about trying new things and always up for an adventure! I love playing board games even though it is hard to find enough people so if you like that as well – please message me on Teams! I also love to dance and sing as well as spend time with my loved ones as I feel happiest when I am surrounded by positive and loving people.

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