People of Pontica - Meriem Ramadan

Published 15 Jan. 2021 | 2 min read

Meriem Ramadan, Senior Team Manager

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do."

My Story

I was born in Varna and I adore my city. I have graduated high school with a focus on French language, but I decided to keep on studying French as it was a major aspect of my higher education course “Hospitality and Restaurant Management”. A year later, I went to France looking for specialization. After a brief period there, I realized that I would like to look for prosperity in my own country and returned to Bulgaria. While I was developing my theoretical skills at university, I also worked in the sphere of logistics – something that I am quite interesed in and currently considering to specialize in the foreseeable future.

Prior to my application to Pontica, I wanted to try something new and prove myself in a different area, to gain new skills, knowledge and development opportunities – all of which has been offered by the company. Indeed, Pontica has really helped me achieve the above-mentioned goals as I started as a Customer Support Specialist and currently I am a Supervisor of the French team, which is encountering new challenges every single day.

My Motivation

The challenges are what motivates me at the workplace. It’s never boring or trivial. The dynamic daily routines and multiple tasks give us an opportunity to prove how capable we are and help us enjoy the satisfying results. A well done job is always a reason to smile, but the bigger cause for smiling is our team, as we are achieving great results together.

Iva after work

When I am outside of the workplace, if it is summer time, you can look for me wherever the sea, the beaches and the summer cocktails are, whereas if it’s winter, I am where the snow (lot of snow) is. I adore spending my time travelling and having fun with my friends. I also love taking time for myself, as I am working out, going to Latin American dancing or simply chilling with a nice cup of coffee looking at a beautiful view.

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