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Published 13 Jan. 2023 | 2 min read

Ivan Neshkov, Team Manager

"Don't underestimate the power of vision and direction."

My Story

When I came back from the US in 2016, I started working in the public sphere but quickly transitioned into the private sector. I began my career as an entry level business analyst at HPE. Then HPE and CSC combined to create DXC Technology where I took my first steps in organizational management. In 2022, I found my way to Pontica where I started as Team Manager in the Back Office team.

I decided to join Pontica because I was looking for a fast-paced atmosphere. I also have gained a lot of experience in enterprise level management, so I was looking for the chance to be a part of the growth of a Bulgarian-owned company.

I’ve had several professional achievements which have kept me motivated over the years. In Pontica, I came into a team that was ready for success and over the next six months, we were able to create a strong performing organization. This experience has been rewarding and exciting for me to see.

My Motivation

I’ve always been a team player so I am deeply motivated by the productivity people can achieve through good organization Think about your favorite sports team. In sports, you are there because you are best at playing a specific part of a game. But you don’t play the whole game by yourself – to win everyone must play together.

When strong people are brought into a team and given tasks which allow them to have meaningful impact, productive environments emerge. This approach makes people happy, and businesses can profit. Ultimately, my motivation is allowing my team to show what they can do, and I am often amazed by their capabilities!

Ivan after work

I have a wife and two children, and I spend my time with my family. My personal free time starts after 9 pm, when I try to fit my different hobbies such as reading on psychology, history and philosophy, collecting old texts from Bulgarian history, playing the trombone, gaming and more.

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