People of Pontica – Mirotsveta Tsvetkova

Published 17 Jun. 2022 | 1 min read

Mirotsveta Tsvetkova, Back Office Specialist

"The best thing you will ever learn is to love."

My Story

I joined Pontica 1 year ago and I work for the Accurate project. From the beginning of the year, I’m also part of the Engagement Committee which I’m very grateful, happy, and excited about. I am also studying Management at the University of Economics in Varna!

My Motivation

I’m so happy that working in my project I can help people get a new job. I’m also kind of a curious person so working with so much different information about different people every day is so exciting. I love my colleagues and my work.

Mirotsveta after work

In my free time I like to spend time with people. Going out with friends in big groups or just going on a walk is a must in the weekend. I’m also adventurous and I love horses so you can also find me at some horse club.

Finally my other passion is – the cinema and photography. Sometimes I help friends with shooting movies or to make a photoshoot…

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