People of Pontica – Mohamed Yousfi

Published 02 Dec. 2022 | 1 min read

Mohamed Yousfi, Supervisor

"Do not be afraid of greatness."

My Story

I started my career in Pontica July 2020, happy to work using the three languages I know, which are French, Arabic and English. I appreciate my team manager who gave me the opportunity to develop myself and allowed me to show my hidden skills! am proud of myself and the performance that I am giving, but I have so much more to show!

My Motivation

My motivation comes from being creative and giving new ideas to move forward with my project to the highest professional level. I am also motivated by positive vibes and sense of humor that I can transmit to my great team and lead them to be always on top of their 100% of power and abilities.

Mohamed after work

I am a professional swimmer and therefore, my favorite part of the day is when I get to swim with my personal coach for one hour without taking any breaks!

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