People of Pontica – Nikolay Hristov

Published 27 May. 2022 | 2 min read

Nikolay Hristov, Client Success Manager

"There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way."

My Story

My professional background is working in the Hotel Industry as a F&B manager. I used to work in a small boutique hotel in an extraordinary place in the Aegean Sea. I started at Pontica after the first lockdown. So far, I do not have a doubt that I did the right choice. The work on the Stuart project is interesting, my colleagues are nice, the management is supportive and the environment is great. For these couple of months, I’ve changed a few positions with each one being challenging so I had to use my communication skills and to improve in other areas.

My Motivation

What motivates me at work? When I see people achieving their professional goals. When the Management are giving example of a good work ethic and are being role models for the employees. The people that I am working with are among of the smartest, crazy, great people that I’ve met so far. It is always a pleasure to chat with them about work and not only 

Nikolay after work

After work I like to go nearby the sea to watch the sun set and to grab a drink with friends! I like to party, to do sports as swimming is my passion. And of course, any other sport is good to explore such as Wing Chun, volleyball, tennis, running and fitness.

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