People of Pontica – Pavlin Lefterov

Published 11 Nov. 2022 | 2 min read

Pavlin Lefterov, Back Office Specialist

"You can’t forget something when you still remember what you want to forget."

My Story

My story begins in Spain. I was raised there and the first language that I have ever spoken was Catalan. After 10 years of living there, we decided to go back to Bulgaria where I have found a lot of friends and opportunities to grow.

After graduating I started working in McDonalds as a cashier. My goal there was to save enough money so I can go to Spanish courses, to refresh my language skills, but the future prepared me for something else. After working only for 3 weeks there, one of my closest friends told me about Pontica Solutions and that they are searching for Spanish speakers. The day I heard about the company was the day I applied for a job. Fortunately for me I was one of the selected.

Currently I am working as a Back Office Specialist for one of Pontica’s biggest clients. I find my job very interesting. Every day I am working with very challenging cases and to solve them I must use all the knowledge that I already have earned and I have to add a little bit of creativity.

My Motivation

My motivation to work is the opportunity to grow and to learn every day something new.

Pavlin after work

After work I like to spend time with my family, my girlfriend, and my friends. Computer games and coding are one of the hobbies that I do whenever I am free. After a hard work week I like to go play football with friends.

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