People of Pontica – Pavlina Uzunova

Published 03 Feb. 2023 | 2 min read

Pavlina Uzunova, Systems Implementation Specialist

"Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. They are one of the greatest things in life."

My Story

Starting in Pontica was my first professional experience after graduating and when I applied, I was worried if I possessed the right qualities. I am very thankful that Pontica gave me the chance to work in such a positive and growing environment. I wanted to practice my Spanish and I managed to do it during my first project. After a year, I switched to a different project and that’s where I am now as part of the Project Management team. I am very grateful that my colleagues believed in me and gave me the opportunity to improve myself.

My Motivation

Pontica is an inspiration in itself – the atmosphere gives me motivation to continue succeeding on a professional level. Being part of the Pontica team and seeing everyone’s achievements inspires me too to strive for more. My motivation is the work I do because I truly enjoy helping my colleagues and the company to grow and improve.

Pavlina after work

In my free time I love going out with my friends or family. To me, the ideal way to spend a free day is to be outside in the nature or in the city and make memories, enjoy experiences, and explore new adventures, while in the company of my favorite people.

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