People of Pontica – Silvana Spasova

Published 07 Oct. 2021 | 1 min read

Silvana Spasova, Senior Training Expert

"Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly."

My Story

For me it was important to be part of a company that is not only one of the best in the business but socially responsible as well – charity, volunteering and sport events, this is totally confirmed. As a member of Pontica’s family since February 2021 I found my place and I know that the best is yet to come!

My Motivation

My driving force at work is knowing that I can help people to learn and achieve more and at the same to become a better version of myself as well. It is a pure inspiration to be surrounded and to have the chance to work with motivated, talented and intelligent people.

Silvana after work

After work and on my days off I love to walk by the sea as there is nothing more relaxing than the sound of the waves. Depending on my mood I can light a palo santo stick and enjoy reading a book with a cup of tea or drink wine, listen to music and dance with my friends.

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