People of Pontica – Talina Naumova

Published 24 Feb. 2023 | 2 min read

Talina Naumova, Back-Office Specialist

"Don’t take advice from someone you wouldn’t switch lives with."

My Story

Before I joined Pontica, I was not happy with the job I was working at the time and wanted to make a change to start growing professionally. I had a friend that was working for the company and eventually I decided to apply as well. Now I’ve been a Back Office Specialist for more than a year and I would say that I found the comfort and the professional kick start I was looking for. It’s amazing how my job gives me the energy and inspires me to do more outside of work. I find myself more motivated than ever to pursue my passions and achieve my goals.

My Motivation

I would say my biggest motivation are the results from challenging myself and learning to accomplish great things in fields I never thought I would be good at. Working in a great team also motivates me, since it’s also challenging but in a positive way. I find that whatever one person cannot do, another will be good at and that’s the beauty of the ”team work makes the dream work” situation.

Talina after work

Outside of work I’m a professional multitasker. I’m very into fashion and I have a small business in that field. I’m also a Digital Media and PR student, which has made marketing one of my biggest passions. I have a few clients that I create the social media content for and I also do the same for my own accounts as well. Other than that, I love to create art, read books and travel with my loved ones.

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