People of Pontica – Teodor Dobrev

Published 16 Sep. 2022 | 2 min read

Teodor Dobrev, Recruitment Specialist

"Even when things in your life are difficult, always remain positive."

My Story

I joined Pontica in the end of August 2021. I’m generally a very social person and love communicating with different types of people, so working in customer support has always been a natural fit for me. My charisma helps me deal with all kinds of issues, and currently as Service Monitor, I love learning the processes of all the markets. I joined Pontica because of their many social opportunities (always learning new things, meeting with new people, etc.), and overall friendly workers.

My Motivation

My job inspires me in many ways, I love the fact that I can stay at home or take a drive to the office and meet with my colleagues, which are great and inspiring but also professional workers who are always there to help me. The atmosphere is always welcoming and happy, which always boosts the mood and makes work even more enjoyable. Also, the opportunity to travel and take part in events organized by Pontica is very fun and always a satisfying experience.

Teodor after work

After work, I usually go hang out with my friends. Most of the time we drive around and talk for hours about future events, hobbies, relationships etc. My favorite hobby is playing videogames, I really enjoy multiplayer games, where I can play and communicate with other players.

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