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People of Pontica – Valentin Nikolov

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Valentin Nikolov, Client Success Specialist ES

My Story

Most of my late teens were spent dabbling with punk music and traveling to show that rebellious attitude. Once I finished my studies, I landed a good job and had a pretty normal life; that was when Covid arrived and turned half the world heads down.

I came back to Bulgaria and started looking for work. Who would’ve told me that I found the gold mine, landing in Bandai Namco, one of the teams in Pontica Solutions. What can I say, a great team and something related to Video games, a dream come true.


My Motivation

Being the really open and social guy I am, finding myself in a position where I can openly help, discuss and spend time with other people is just perfect. I felt accepted since the first day, the situation fit me like a glove. It’s hard to imagine a better team and work environment.

Valentin after work

I keep it simple. Video games, movies, hanging out with people, listening to music, comics, the whole package. The small things in life bring me the biggest joy.