People of Pontica – Yoana Strizhova

Published 17 Dec. 2021 | 2 min read

Yoana Strizhova, Back Office Manager

"Life is much better when you are living in the prsent moment."

My Story

I have always been interested in learning different languages and I knew that my job has to be related to this. When I heard about Pontica from a friend I decided to learn more about the company and to send my CV. After I was interviewed I just felt that this is the place where I want to work. And as time passes I feel happier that I have been chosen to work with such great people.

My Motivation

I’ve always been motivated to do my best and learn as much as I can from the world that surrounds me. My goal will always be to become the best version of myself. What motivates me the most is experiencing new things and meeting new people and cultures, and of course, being part of my great team that always supports and understands me no matter what.

Yoana after work

Definitely spending time with my loved ones will always be the best time. This is the time when I feel happiest and it just keeps me full of energy. But when I just need to stay by myself, the best therapy for me is to go for a long walk with my dog and spend some time playing with her. This definitely brings me a lot of joy and happiness.

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