People of Pontica – Zhak Stoilov

Published 21 Jan. 2022 | 2 min read

Zhak Stoilov, Supervisor

"Love it or hate it but accept it and be real, then you will be happier the next day."

My Story

I have worked in the tourism industry for over 10 years (one of my degrees is Management of Hotels and Restaurants). Starting from a waiter and going through most of the jobs in this industry, I eventually became a Hotel Manager and did that for about 6 years. At some point, I no longer saw opportunities to grow, and the only joy left in that work was meeting new people. It was time for a change. After spending some time in Sofia and then returning to Varna, I heard about Pontica from a friend of mine – Hadel Akesh (who is a UK Shift Leader at the moment). I really liked the idea of working with people and having a bigger team, so I was instantly hooked.

Fast forward 1 year later, thanks to the help of the AMAZING Team I managed to reach a Supervisor position after being a Shift Leader for about 7 months. Going forward I am doing my best to help the team grow even bigger and better.

My Motivation

I take most of my inspiration from a point of fair-mindedness. What inspires me the most are hardworking, disciplined and hungry for growth people. That is why I love working at Pontica and I do come to work with pleasure every day.

Zhak after work

Alright, that is going to be a long one, I do have a few Hobbies :D. First and foremost I love surfing, have been doing it for about 8 years now. There is no feeling like chasing waves and even the fear of the sea excites me.
I also like lifting heavy weights, have been for years. I became a 74kg Category National Champion and Balkan Champion. Video Games are a big passion of mine since a kid too. I am still playing on a daily basis whenever I have some free time. Also, Cats, I have 3!

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