Pontica Solutions donates an AED to Vitosha Metro Station

Published 02 Jun. 2023 | 3 min read

We donated an AED for public transportation to Vitosha Metro Station in Sofia, enhancing public safety.

At Pontica Solutions, we strive to continuously contribute and improve the well-being of our colleagues and the community, and what is a better place to start than health? As they say, change starts with you, and we are true endorsers of this principle. Therefore, as part of one of our three key CSR verticals, #wesupportYOU, we have made it our mission to establish a corporate environment based on safety and educate our teams to recognize and react swiftly in critical situations. At Pontica, we conduct regular training for colleagues to be able to give first aid to people experiencing emergency health issues such as heart attack or cardiac arrest until professional medical help arrives.

This internal initiative soon inspired us to spread some good beyond our organization and into the larger community. With the idea to make a truly meaningful impact that can potentially save many lives, we thoughtfully invested in the purchase of a modern AED and donated it to one of the busiest metro stations in Sofia, Vitosha where more than half a million people pass through every day. The defibrillator is now installed in a central location, offering visibility and easy access and strengthening emergency response capabilities for commuters.

The event for the donation took place in the metro station on May 30 2023 and was attended by CAO Kameliya Atanasova, HR Director Milena Balevska, and Marketing Expert Marina Todorova who expressed Pontica’s commitment to both employee and community safety.

Kameliya Atanasova stated, “As responsible citizens, we understand the immense importance of prompt and effective medical assistance in emergencies. Through this donation, we hope to contribute to the safety and well-being of the thousands of individuals who travel daily but also inspire other organizations to do the same in a small act of kindness that can save many lives.”

It goes without saying that our good act couldn’t have been realized without our successful collaboration with responsible and engaged institutions and professionals who took this initiative to heart as much as us. Supporters of the donation and attendees at the event were Stoyan Bratoev, Executive Director of “Metropoliten” JSC, renowned Prof. Dr. of Cardiology Ivo Petrov who was personally invested in our cause as a member of the First Aid Foundation  supporting the development and popularization of first aid and rescue in Bulgaria, based on modern scientific data, and Georgi Georgiev, Chairman of the Sofia City Council and active supporter of the safety and modernization of the Sofia urban environment. They expressed their gratitude and admiration for Pontica being one of the few companies to contribute to an urgent cause.

The donated defibrillator is known for its advanced features and reliability and can potentially save lives during critical medical emergencies such as cardiac arrests. With its user-friendly design, the device can be operated by both medical professionals and laypersons, making it an invaluable asset in high-pressure situations. In the future, Pontica plans to invest in the donation of more AEDs that will be installed in key public sites in various locations.

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