Pontica Solutions officially adopted a hiking trail in Vitosha mountain 

Published 27 Sep. 2022 | 1 min read

We officially adopted the area from the Dendrarium, Iglikina Polyana, and the children's eco station.

Our CSR #wesupportthePLANET vertical and our love for preserving of our nature are the driving forces that led us to adopting the area from the Dendrarium, Iglikina Polyana, and the children’s eco station.

A while ago, our Sofia team cleaned up the area and made sure it is a pleasant place to relax for anyone who wants to enjoy it, however, we loved the initiative so much that we went back a second time and not only cleaned up, but also refreshed the street fitness dedicated to people with disabilities with a new paintjob and also put up 40 signposts in the area to make it more accessible for anyone who passes by. This year we can proudly say we adopted the area and we even have our own signpost placed by the tourist association. Come and see it yourself when you are in that area!

Our colleagues bonded together over a picnic we had at Iglikina Polyana! Together they set up a barbecue, brought their four-legged companions with them, and had some refreshing drinks.

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