Pontica Solutions' #WeSupportTheYoung CSR campaign supports young people and their development

Published 19 May. 2021 | 2 min read

We supported the ‘Social Teahouse’ by running at the Varna Marathon.

This year Pontica has created a line of events in line with their CSR vertical #WeSupportTheYoung for its social responsibility initiatives. These will include volunteering, charity and sports events which both our Sofia and Varna teams will take part in. Pontica's teams are made of young, energetic and capable people who inspire us to organize events supporting young people’s development.

On May 9 we took part in our first initiative for this year which aimed to provide help to the ‘Social Teahouse’. The Teahouse is a located in the center of Varna and supports young people coming from foster homes by employing and mentoring them, thus helping with their personal and professional development. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses had to close doors and the ‘Social Teahouse’ was one of them. As they need funds to reopen and to continue to help young people with their development, our Pontica team completed the 10 km distance at the Varna Marathon and the Teahouse received a donation by us based on the kilometers ran.

Pontica handed in the donation certificate to the Teahouse team on their fifth birthday anniversary on May 18. We are delighted that many people from our Varna team joined in the 10 km distance run and helped us contribute to raising funds so that the Teahouse can reopen.

Ultimately, we managed to combine outdoor physical activity with a charity event in which we strongly believe in. By following all the safety measures after a full year of restrictions and work from home, we are proud to be able to set a good example.

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