The importance of personalized customer experience for companies’ differentiation strategy

Published 20 Jan. 2022 | 3 min read

Innovative and personalized customer experience (CX) is a key brand’s differentiator and helps companies build positive interactions and customer loyalty.

Personalized Customer experience (CX) applies to the creation of services and solutions that meet customers’ individual requirements.

In outsourcing, as well as in any other industry, CX is what differentiates a company and makes it stand out on the market. Starting from greeting customers by their first name to designing offers that meet their individual interests, personalization has become the new brand differentiator. A growing number of companies are realizing its importance and are ready to make a prior research investment. As of 2021, approximately 60% of companies in Europe are planning to invest more into CX tools, according to Forrester. Customers will feel like a priority to companies once being provided with a positive experience. Consequently, businesses will earn loyal customers and higher revenue.

For the Knowledge Industry, choosing the right partners is crucial for achieving business scale. But what advantages does a personalized CX bring to companies?

  • Helps them achieve growth – Focusing on CX does not only positively affect revenue stream, but it also develops the company as a brand. The users value their time and expect instantaneous personalized solutions when they encounter a problem. Additionally, according to Adweek personalization can help decrease costs for customer acquisition by 50%. Thus, working with a vendor who offers personalized CX solutions can help build a company’s reputation. This also increases the ability for being innovative and attaining continuous growth.
  • Builds trust and customer loyalty – Being available to understand customers’ needs and delivering solutions without delay for issues they have experienced, builds long-lasting brand loyalty. According to PwC, around 30% of customers will stop their interaction with a brand due to a negative experience. Therefore, focusing on CX will make businesses trustworthy and attract more customers.
  • Enhances customer engagement – According to SmarterHQ, more than 70% of consumers have said that they would engage with personalized messaging only. The simple act of personalizing your responses (instead of only using template answers) to direct messages and emails goes a long way. Outsourcing such support functions will enhance the CX your business provides to its customers.

If you are looking into ways to improve your customers’ experience, working with a vendor who is people-oriented and prioritizes customers’ well-being is the correct way to go. We at Pontica have the experience of helping brands deliver winning CX for their clients. Explore our services to learn more or get in touch with us and find out how we can help you deliver high customer satisfaction!

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